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Intelligent Bot Systems for tourism applications

Due to the competitive nature of the tourism industry – maximising customer satisfaction and providing the optimal customer experience is of key importance and indispensable. Capacity in consulting and staff, however, be it offline or in the call centre of online services is limited. With our clients we encounter that when bottlenecks form and waiting time increases, the probability increases that a customer is lost to the competition. This is the point when the automated Botsystems from Botflux come into play. Our Botflux AIP provides an artificial intelligence platform which is modeled based on your customer requirements. Our bots are designed to mimic human interaction as close as possible to ensure optimal customer experience.

Interacting with a BotFlux Bot, features the same interaction that one would have with a real person. A bot can answer all questions relating to current or future bookings, as well as guide customers through an order process, answer customer support queries and conduct user satisfaction surveys. The benefit to implementing Bot technology is that a Bot can be available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and the responses can be tailored to always be exact and reliable. A bot offers maximal customer satisfaction and friendliness ensuring that even the most problematic customer enquiries can be handled with ease.

With the dawn of the age of AI and the introduction of the BotFlux Artificial Intelligence Platform, unavailability, bottlenecks and unhappy customers are a thing of the past.

Possible Applications

Sales Requests

Immediate Response to incoming customer requests and forwarding to the best suitable customer manager

Customer Support

Instant and precise customer support for any questions before or during peoples vacation

Satisfaction Polls

Easy inquiry of customer satisfaction during and after trips

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