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Chatbots for Sports and Events

Conversational Bots

Add the Missing Conversational Element – Engage your Fans via Chatbot

Chatbots – intelligent programs that interact with visitors or fans via chat interfaces like Facebook Messenger. Chatbots provide the missing conversational element to engage the fan base you have built-up in social networks. By allowing 1 to 1 communication between your brand and a single fan, chatbots multiply the relevance of your content for any individual fan or visitor: Trough targeted delivery of news and information a chatbot links any fan to exactly the information on your mobile site that this fan desires. Furthermore, the conversational interface of a chatbot is best suited to implement the interactive games and votings that will keep your fans engaged continually.

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User traction via interactive quizzes and games

Your user traction can be heavily increased by a gamification approach. Thus our CMS offers you the possibility to add and edit fan games or quizzes that can be combined with a lottery. Users can compete against each other or just play for fun. Our bot game module can be flexibly adapted to handle time restrictions for performing certain game actions or point limits to take part in lotteries.

User engagement via fan polls and votings

Give your users the possibility to share their opinion in interactive fan polls and votings. Votings can be created in advance or live in reaction to specific events. Users can swipe through available votings, give their opinion and check the overall results of the entire userbase. Voting questions can refer to game results, the general event, the music in the stadium and many more.

Information around the event or stadium

Provide all information around your sports event, easily accessible within your chatbot. With our information module you can easily create, change or update menu structures that direct users to the information they are searching for. User can also navigate to their desired information by just using free text input.

Publishing of the latest news with our smart content module

Keep your Fanbase updated! With our broadcasting feature you can provide your news directly within your chatbot. Users can scroll through the latest news directly in the messenger, read stories they like and share them with their friends. Our smart content algorithm makes sure, that users just get those articles they like. Thus the overflow of information is reduced and users just get relevant content, which increases the user satisfaction.

Live data of the current parking situation

Our navigation module provides all needed information for your users to reach the stadium or event location. It suggests the quickest possible way and directs them to the best possible parking spaces. To inform users about the current parking space utilisation, we can integrate live data systems that provide this data to your users.

Automatic response to free text entries via intent recognition

Our free text bot module allows free text entry, which is enabled by machine learning based intent recognition. Thus users can trigger actions of the bot by free text input. A multi-layer approach ensures stable guidance of users through a built-in catch-all functionality: In case of unrecognized intents, a home menu structure guides the user and leads to the correct destination.

BotFlux SaaS Service Bundle


Analysis of requirements

Definition of bot strategy

Choice of appropriate bot modules

Chatbot Development

Customized bot modules

Connection to BotFlux CMS

API Customization


Generation and Engagement of Subscribers



Performance Monitoring


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Main advantage of chatbots: Focus on the Individual

With chatbots the individual fan or customer becomes the focus of attention. Communication experiences a ¬†move¬†from pleasing a target group on average to fascinating a single individual. A brand’s communicative strategy shifts from OneToMany to OneToOne.

This individualization is achieved through:

Communicative Interface

In a chat setting the single fan sees herself/himself as the target of the communication.

Communicative Variability through CMS

By linking to a CMS the brand-fan communication achieves the necessary variability, to continually remain attractive for the single fan.

Individualized Content through AI

By employing machine learning, the single fan will receive only exactly that content which is personally interesting for her/him.

Further Advantages of Chatbots

Viral Distribution

Chatbots can be shared like any contact in a fan’s contact list.

Innovative Branding through Bot Personas

Chatbots can be endowed with a distinct personality to communicate the brand image.

Audio Bots for hands-occupied situations

Audio bots like Amazon Alexa allow to reach the fan in communicative settings where she/he wants to communicate hands-free (e.g. car drive).

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