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Chatbot Strategy Consulting

Our Values

Our main value is an utmost dedication to our customers and their individual needs. Therefore we attach great importance to our quality promise and customer satisfaction. We are highly innovation driven, thus we focus on the use, transfer and application of newest technologies. Security and integrity are the fundament of our work and therefore our employees are working on very high safety standards.

Our Commitment

Our aspirations aim at long-term and sustainable business relations with our customers. Therefore we are approaching the close and joint elaboration with our customers, to build key knowledge within the customers workforce. Our goal is the long-lasting realisation of competitive advantages and the safeguarding of our customers market position.

Our Consultants

We are arranging our consulting team individually on the needs of our customers. Our teams are a dynamic mix of different specialisations spreading over informatics, business administration, economics, mechanical engineering up to psychology. We are choosing our employees under strict requirements out of the leading universities in Europe. Our Employees combine high innovation power, complex problem solving skills and huge management capacities. All have in common the passion for improving imperfect situations and solving problems.

Our customers

Our client base includes large corporates and stock companies as well as medium-sized businesses and emerging high potential startups. Our customers are ambitions global operating companies and attach value to innovation and the use of groundbreaking technology. Many of our customers are in the process of digital transformation and are seeking corresponding expertise.

Our Approach

Our work is focused on the development of customer-specific solutions. Agile methods are strictly integrated in our daily workflow to guaranty high customer involvement and continuous updating on the ongoing process. Our culture is results-oriented and targets a high output under a high efficiency.

We are working according the following process:

1. Discovery 

Definition of a detailed timetable to implement the decided strategy step by step in cooperation with the involved departments. Introduction of mechanisms to measure the success of the strategic changes and to perform fine tuning.

2. Definition

Building on the existing digital strategy and aligning it to a future-oriented digital orientation of the company. Special focus is on the identification of opportunities and potentials for the implementation of chatbots in order to achieve competitive advantages. The chatsbots are designed to be fully embedded in the future digital appearance of the company.

3. Implementation and Monotoring

Intensive customer workshop to fully pervade the customer problem, to identify the current digital strategy of the customer and to determine the future curse of action to be taken in the defined time frame.

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