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Amazon Echo Bots (Alexa)

Get your own Amazon Echo

bot or Alexa skill today.

What is Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a voice controlled speaker, that is connected to the Alexa Voice Service. Alexa is the virtual assistant behind Amazon Echo, which can be asked almost anything – e.g. playing your favourite music, providing you with news and information, giving you an update of the current weather and many more.

Examples of existing Amazon Echo bots

Why do you need an Amazon Echo bot?

Amazon Echo will be a major player in future smart homes and provides an open API to connect your own App to the Echo Store.

Your Advantages

Be part of your customers home environment

Be connected with your customers 24/7

Provide your service easy accessible via voice control

Our competences in Bot Development

Faithful reproduction and optimization of your user experience

Natural interaction of our bots with their users

Adaptation of our bots freely according to your wishes

Maximal reliable operation

Implementation of highest safety standards

Get your own Amazon Echo

bot or Alexa skill today.