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Chatbots – the future of customer interaction

A Chatbot is an artificial intelligence chat program for automated service-customer interaction.


Chatbots allow your customers to get an immediate response to their questions at any time.


The Chatbot takes over handling the requests of your customers when service personnel is not or not yet available.


With a Chatbot, immediacy and availability of your customer service can be significantly increased.


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BotFlux – AI & Chatbot Agency

Headquartered in Munich, BotFlux provides companies in all industries with Bot – Technology with the BotFlux AIP (Artificial Intelligence Platform).
The BotFlux AIP integrates with your Website, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Hipchat, Twilio and others.

Bots for every industry

Botflux plans, builds, manages and monitors your very own bot. Independent of industry, our bots are fine tuned to assist with automating tasks. We connect you and your company with your customers by deploying bot technology.

BotFlux Artificial Intelligence Platform

Our AI platform enables you to manage and monitor your bot through a user-friendly interface.The BotFlux AI platform integrates with your website, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Hipchat, Twilio and many others.

Bot Strategy Consulting

BotFlux also offers bot strategy consulting. We can consult on how to identify, structure and implement your chatbot. In addition to consulting on your initial strategy, we also offer monitoring of existing bots and big data analytics of your current chat flows.


Platforms Supported


Bots Implemented


Messages Sent

Benefits of Chatbots

Be connected with your customers 24/7

Short response times to customer requests

Consistent response quality

Cost efficient customer service

Infinite amount of general and specific knowledge

No usability or installation barrier for customers

BotFlux AIP currently supports a suite of messaging providers. We are specialists in the implementation and deployment of:

Botflux Artificial Intelligence Plattform (Botflux AIP)
The Botflux AIP is a intelligent bot response system, which is robust, reliable, scalable, extensible and provides bots with individual personality. Our bots are designed to mimic human interaction as close as possible to ensure an optimal customer experience.

Get your own chatbot or
Alexa skill today.